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August 06, 2007



I am in love! What a sweeties!


How cute!!

My son and I both want a long-haired Daschund. I'm thinking about it. :)

Unfit Mother

Oh, I am quite crazy, but what's the dif between a little more crazy and certifiable? I didn't even mention that he's a designer dog: Golden Doodle and that I bought him from a breeder. More on this later...

radical mama

Ahh! Insanity! I mean, it's cute, but you know they poop and pee and puke all the time, right? (I hate my dog 95% of the time. I'm a bad human.)


did you brain leak out your milk ducts? oh my holy -- you are officially almost as crazy as me.

and he/she's afreakindorable

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