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September 14, 2007


Unfit Mother

CRAP! Sorry about the trailer Sal. But what is up with the new and improved PPD?

RM- I know, sad, huh? And s/he didn't even get anything of value. Yeah, get a proofreader why dontcha! =;?} And send them MY way when you're done. I like how another blog I read allows commentors to edit after they post. I need to look into that...


Somebody, not too long ago, broke into my last pad. They ripped off a brand new crowbar from a nearby hardware store and proceeded to break into my neighbors house first. She has a VERY large, rotweiller dog. She has 'Beware of Dog' signs posted on both front and back doors. She has a large printed out poster of her dog on the door when you walk in. Long story short, it was a very hot day and the dog was in the basement when the break-in occured. I would have loved to have seen the look on the culprits face when the 120 lb. rot came barrelling up the stairs to chase their ass out the door. Needless to say, she didn't loose anything in the robbery attempt. On the other hand, they broke into my bedroom window, surpassed all my computer and camera equipment, and preceeded to steal my roommate's laptop and some cash before being scared off by my neighbor's return home (we think...). The PPD you spoke of were awesome. I, having the same faith in law enforcement as you, was shocked. Two weeks later we (my girlfriend Holly and I) had our $1,500.00 trailer jacked from right outside the house in broad daylight around 5 o'clock. The 5 year-old neighbor boy did the best he could to describe the asshole that rode off with our trailer (probably to be sold for scrap metal down the road).

Phew. There's a place in Hades for those jackals.
Peace. Salvez ooooout!

radical mama

I was NOT the person. NOT. God, I need to proofread.

radical mama

Bastard! I am so sorry that happened to you. We've had cars broken into several times (and that house broken into once... while were home...)

I am just grateful that I was the person desperate enough for a few bucks to risk 5 years in jail. That is a truly sad existance.

Mama Tried

Oh my! I can't believe I am just checking in now....Wow. I am really amazed at the police response as well. When my Suburu got broken into (or as I like to put it 'illegally entered') several times in Portland I got the blow-off which is why I took the stereo out and quit locking it. My favorite was when I thought that my car was stolen (I actually left it at the grocery store 2 blocks from my house and walked home---right by it---because I always walked to that store) the woman who took my car sounded completely bored and told me to wait a day and see if it turns up (which it did so maybe they are on to something). And it was SE Portland.

Hope the repairs go fast.

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