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September 18, 2007



As a full time working mom, I could use the boost in my resume! I can relate to mamatried's comment too, as I also work in computers. So when I am asked to work at home at night, I often have to remind my boss that have a second job! It takes up most of my time at home, at least until 9 PM!


And the sad thing is that it is often other women that are the most critical. I was at my women's supper group and ran into another woman who had been in my prenatal yoga class. She was back at work and told me that her female colleagues were the least understanding when she had to prioritize her job being a mother (leaving for a sick child or other issues) even though it was not interfering in any way with her performance (she does computer work so would work late another evening to make up). She is planning on giving notice. IMO, nothing is going to get better until women start supporting each other first.

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