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September 11, 2007


Unfit Mother

Thanks for commenting on my blog, "Spyder". The most frustrating point about this issue is that there is no legislation that requires an eating establishment to have a toilet facility for its patrons. I have since spoken with the owners of this particular franchise, Sara and Mike, who explained their reasons for not allowing customers access to the back room. I understand their situation that requires such a rule, but it is not a sanitary arrangement. It isn't like they are a retail shop selling knickknacks and tchotkies. I am complaining about an establishment that serves food to customers lingering for a reasonable amount of time to enjoy their purchase. If I invite a friend to my home for dessert, I certainly wouldn't deny them the use of my bathroom. I expect the same consideration from someone from whom I am paying for a service.


I happen to visit that B&R alot..and when I stumbled across this blog, I actually wasn't very happy. NOT at their lack of sevice, because there was no lack of service. There was a lack of someone not being able to comprehend a simple sentance. NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS. To me it would be very rude to even think about asking to use a restroom that had that sign hanging above it. Rules are there for a reason. I realize that she has a disease but I still do not believe that you are in the right. I have many allergies and have reacted to many differant foods, I have even been to the hospital, for anaphylaxis many times over the past 4 years. I have also thrown up while out MANY times because of certain foods, and I KNOW how embarassing it is. But if I feel as if I am going to need to visit the "facilities", I personally wouldn't blame them if they wouldn't let me use their facilities, soley on the basis of there being a sign saying that they don't let people use it. The people that work there were just doing as they were told. How were they supposed to know that you weren't just making it up? Why should they bend the rules for you?


Exactly! Can you imagine McDonalds or Chucky Cheese without restrooms? I hope the attention your story receives will help B & R to change their policy, at least in emergencies. I wish those kids who worked there had been able to override their training because, well, would management really prefer people to have accidents int the middle of their store?

BTW, I enjoy your writing style very much! And I've been there with the plastic bag.

Unfit Mother

"To have this 'No Public Restroom' policy is really dumb when at least half your clientele is children."

Not to mention the employees are also children! I agree with you, Sparky. The kids working there were just probably confused by my request. (Although, I admit, I usually think of teenagers as being ready to break rules.)

I think we agree that the blame lies with the owner / manager and the lack of a bathroom. This is why I say: "So please, do tell me: why does Baskin Robbins not offer restrooms for their paying customers or why not teach your employees to make allowances for special circumstances?" in closing.


What an unfortunate situation. I think most parents of young children, condition or not, have been in that situation.

I know this was a potty emergency, but I think this is really a management and training issue. Those poor kids were just doing what they were told to do. I'm a high school teacher and I know how kids think at this age. Many teen-agers are not that great at on-the-spot, out of the box decision making, especially if they could be reprimanded or fired. You can't blame them for their reactions when backed into a corner like this. I'm not surprised you got blank stares. And though I have great compassion for you all, it sounds like you got angry pretty fast. What's a kid supposed to say when you ask those kinds of questions.

The responsibility lies with the manager or owner, whom ever sets the policy and trains the minimum wage kids. To have this "No Public Restroom" policy is really dumb when at least half your clientele is children. B & R should have a Family Friendly rest room policy.

Unfit Mother

It was really despicable. I sent a copy of this letter to the Olympia Baskin Robbins as well as a copy to corporate Headquarters. Thanks for the support!

Tired of it

You should contact Baskin Robbins to complain. Of course the people behind the counter could let you use the restroom, they just chose not to and that is despicable.


Poor Ivy J :( I think that is the worst feeling in the world. As someone who drinks a LOT of iced tea and often forgets to hit the restroom before I leave I am often so frustrated by the lack of public restrooms available. I also think it is interesting that most teenagers think of themselves are 'rebellious' but typically they are little totalitarians instead.

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