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October 14, 2007


Elizabeth Anderson

I will use aluminum paper as wrapping paper. Green Christmas to all.

Kelly O

My wrapping paper has almost always been aluminum foil. Now I say it's because it's recyclable and better for the environment, but really it's because I'm too lazy to buy wrapping paper.

Hey, I tagged you for a meme. Feel free to tell me to shove off if you don't want to do it! I dig writing prompts, but then I'm kind of a weirdo.

radical mama

PS: Another way to have a green Christmas: eliminate electric Christmas lights on the house. I wonder how much electricity we use to run all those lights, all the moving displays in our front lawns, etc. It seems like most people never turn them off either, even during the day. We decorate with wreaths and garlands. Not so pretty at night, but better for the environment. :)

radical mama

Oh my God, UM. It's way too early to get me started on my Christmas rants!

My parents are so excessive in buying stuff for my kids, that I hardly buy them a thing. Which I think is incredibly unfair because I actually would buy them things they will use and that aren't made of cheap plastic. Ugh.

And I always cringe when I see huge trash bags of paper piling up. Why isn't that stuff recyclable yet? I don't use it, but every christmas party I attend turns into a trash heap.

When I give gifts to my kids/ husband, newspaper is great because we were going to recycle it anyway. For others, I reuse Christmas bags that I have received. Or like Jen, we wrap with paper bags, turned inside out and painted or colored on with markers. (Crayon drawings technically can't be recycled.) Grandparents love this, and it can get recycled.


This will be our first Christmas with a baby and I can't even begin to think about it right now (all the possible forms of plastic just boggle my mind). We already decided that gifts are out from us since both grandparents will buy gifts (and both are pretty good about being in control). There is just so much wrong with the Christmas ritual and I am really going to miss my annual Mexico 'Skipping Christmas' escapism this year. But, I am going to try and focus on the 'fun' community stuff and not the other scary consurmerism stuff as well.

I am so impressed you were able to pull off such a great birthday idea! I am going to steal that idea when we actually have parties (and friends, etc).

Unfit Mother

Jen, GREAT idea to put drawings over the logos! I've also used artwork (the prolific amounts that come home from preschool!), but won't usually reuse brand bags; I will now reconsider.


I so love the book exchange/prize for creative wrapping idea! What a great idea.

who keeps a stash of gift bags from the year prior to be reused until they fall apart, and gives birthday presents in shopping bags with Lucy's drawings glued over the logos

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