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October 30, 2007



I am battling the candy monster for the first time this year and sadly losing. I like the sugar fairy idea and might have to give it a go. It is an endless battle to find the right balance, isn't it?


Also, your category 'rationalizations' is freaking hilarious....


Leftover candy is perfect for gingerbread houses! I like the fairy idea as well.

We introduced candy for the first time last night. I'm amazed we have made it this long. She was bouncing off the walls, quite literally and screaming "more candeeeeee" until she crashed. It was fun, but I'm in no rush to do it again anytime soon. We're skipping the trick or treating this year, as it's my last I can get away without doing it.

Hope you all have fun tonight!

Unfit Mother

Subartic Mama - maybe we'll send all our candy to your frozen fairies. Can I have you address? =;?}

Good plan, Jess. I don't know why I am not willing to be honest about bribery. If Ivy didn't have her heart set on these fairies I'd cut to the chase.

MT - At Dharma School last weekend, Ivy learned about Segaki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segaki) which put an interesting spin on the over consumption of Halloween candy in a spiritual context. Very interesting.

There is always candy for you, Nanny Kim!


I've let my girls pick a few pieces o candy and in exchange for the rest we go shopping for a new toy at the toy store. No mythology required ;) And then I send the candy to work ...Although sending it to soldiers in Iraq might be kind of a cool project too.


I worry about establishing healthy attitudes towards food as well (from my own struggles as well as seeing so many overweight teenage girls when I taught high school and worrying for their health not to mention their self esteem). My own mother still comments on my weight (and/or appearance) quite frequently and she still 'diets' at 77 which is sometimes hard as I am really struggling to lose my pregnancy weight and get back to my healthy (slightly chubby) 'normal' weight. It is so hard it seems to have a healthy relationship with food in our society but I hope I am able to model somewhat healthy behaviors for my LO.

subarctic mama

I love the sugar fairies idea. Here in Alaska they'd have to make off with an awful lot of candy to make it through the winter.


I am also 37......


Some kids LOVE to share the candy with their nannies or special grown-ups in their lives!

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