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October 05, 2007



How sad. The poor little thing. I think I would be worried and think about it everyday too.

On a happier note, I am glad your delurking day was a success! If only it were everyday, huh?


I was pretty sure that was your idea (the ice cream at the lecture) but didn't want to call you out :)

Unfit Mother

MT: I was totally at that lecture! I thought about adding something about that in my letter, or sending John a copy. We may have been brats, but how funny were we? I bet he was laughing too. And btw - I was ALWAYS there to anything you remember from those days.

KO: thanks for the laugh, but why not give a shout out to the squirrel? I am "O" for obsessed about it.


I meant to comment about this when you first posted but I never eat at Baskin Robbins anyway. I do remember in college when I went to see John Robbins (who wrote Diet for a New America and son of BR empire) speak and was joking around about how we should have all bought pints of ice cream to eat during the lecture and it turns out he was sitting right in front of us (were you there?) and I was so mortified that I snuck out of the auditorium. God I was a brat back then.

Kelly O

Oh, what a nice shout-out! (At the end. I don't mean the squirrel or Baskin Robbins, who can totally kiss my ass.) Rock on with your bad self.

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