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November 07, 2007



Hi, yeah, I'm stalking you. Anyway, my re:#4. Back when 3-D animation software became desktop-friendly (1995?) I took a class along with some co-workers. The instructor told me that I had a great facility for it and should pursue the career track.

Personally, whenever I open up that black 3-D interface with just x/y/z cursor axes floating inside, the vastness of that potential universe is too overwhelming.

I am not an animator.


Thanks for tagging me. I was so not in the mood to write anything, and I needed a push. It was fun. I'm still marveling over the breastmilk ice cream. You should definitely get some kind of a special award for that one. Fantastic.

subarctic mama

I love the pixies. This monkey has gone to heaven

radical mama

I'm with you on the great fear of deep water and space. They are both so suffocating to look at. Eek.

But army brat and preacher's daughters? Please to explain.

Kelly O

#5: COOOOOOOL!!! Back in the day, eh? Good times. And #6 is a perfect follow-up.


OK, I am still sitting here with my mouth agape over your solo biking trip! I mean, that is HUGE!!! I am so impressed. How can I come up with seven weird things that even come close? I'll try!


re: #4

I guess I will have to take responsibility for teaching your girls how to scuba dive (it is so odd to me since I find nothing more relaxing than looking up at a column of 80 feet of water from the bottom of the ocean).

Plus, I can give them my 'zen & the art using the microscope' lesson as I now own my own :)
Unfit Mother here busting in on the back door of comments b/c I cannot leave them on my own.
MT: I would be interested to see if I could actually tolerate being underwater. It seems just to be pictures that freak me out.

RM: Preacher's Kids are always the worst ones =;?} Rebellious, anti-authoritarian, into trouble... throw in the tyrannical rule of military life and I can tell you where the bad seed was planted.

Thanks to everyone for playing along!

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