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January 16, 2008



I have BlogHer ads on my site and it seems to be working well. It's like anyone is getting rich off these ads, but if it offsets the cost of my monthly blog fees, I'm happy. Good luck!


Where's my cut? :-)

On a serious note, as long as the ads are tasteful and somewhat related to the blog, I'll still read. Now that I have mulled this over a bit, I realized that my initial reaction is often affected by the number and type of ads--some are really distracting--but if I already read and enjoy a blogger, ads would not drive me away.

radical mama

My general opinion on blog ads is: who cares? As long as things are not too flashy or popping up all the time, I don't have a problem with blogs having ads. But is it actually profitable? That's what I have always wondered.


Hi, Melissa!

I'm one of the producers over at BlogHerAds - and I've been in the network since it was founded in 2006, so if you've got any questions about how we do things, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have - jenny at blogher dot com.

(By the way, we allow bloggers to specify which industries, companies or categories of ads they don't want to see on their blogs, and allow bloggers to opt out of any campaign at any time.)


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