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February 13, 2008



I have never thought about breast feeding, the beginning, the end, or that they "once shared my body". You did a wonderful job of sharing the physical/emotional connection the loss and the love.

Unfit Mother

Thanks for the encouragement, ya'll! Bea and Tavi continue to ask every night but I am replacing the bedtime routine with stories, songs and snuggles. It's hard to leave this chapter behind.


I am sending a giant hug mama! As my baby is turning 3 tomorrow I am reminiscing and yearning. Sweet new stages abound and those dear, warm memories remained cacooned in our minds and burst into butterflies of beautiful memories whenever we need them!

I am glad that you treated yourself and are sticking to your resolve, as painful and bittersweet as that is!

radical mama

You did good, mama. It is hard to let go of nursing, for everyone involved. Glad you had a good time, though. Those little breaks are so nice!


This brings back our my own weaning memories. It was very similar, only with one child and no trip to Mexico. :)


Reading this...it's so beautiful. It makes me sad for the inevitable weaning.
It also makes me crave a margarita, but that's beside the point.


That was really beautiful.


Good for you for not folding..I probably would have :) And could you have picked a better place to transition than Mexico??!!?? Definitely not!


This was so moving.

I'm glad you had the good fortune of such kind seat mates for the first leg of your journey.

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