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March 09, 2008



Let us know how the OT goes, please. I second all the thoughts that our friends have left and am hopeful for Tavi and yourself that you're opening doors for her growth.
What do her sisters think? Are there ways to involve them while you're all learning?


I know these are tough times, but I'm sure it helps to have some answers and possible help on the way.

I see over there in your reading list you're reading Carson McCullers...I loved The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. (of course, it was a hundred years ago when i read it in high school, but still)

Unfit Mother

Thanks for the support, ya'll.

RM, I do feel positive about this "diagnosis". It does not change who my daughter is, but I hope it will enlighten me and I hope OT will provide me with skills to be a better parent for her.

There is a great article in the current issue of "Brain, Child" entitled, "Disorder or Identity" about cultural support for the neurodiverse child.

MT - you sound like a mother =;?} (Your praise means a lot, actually. Thanks.)

Kelly O

I'm at a loss for something to say. Just wanted to leave a note to say Tavi's very lucky to have such a smart and instinctual mother. I hope you have people to lean on. (People who won't offer suggestions that are neither supportive nor helpful.)

radical mama

You sound positive. Tavi is who she always was, but hopefully knowing something more about her personality will help you to help her. You are an amazingly intuitive mama!


This post is so super well written that it should be published RIGHT NOW in Mothering, or Parenting or Time...seriously....


I want to say something here but I really don't know what to say except I hope Tavi's occupational therapy brings lots of help and answers and all of that good stuff. Will be thinking of you.

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