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April 16, 2008



Your toe??!!?? Nicely done! How is Tavi's therapy going? I think of you guys daily! I am so overwhelmed by Gemma's therapy schedule and next year we throw in preschool too! We are in with MESD and at PSU. Let me know how it is going. Maybe our crazi existances could collide for a drink at some juncture. If you need to call, please do! Hang in there! love, tina


looking forward to seeing you around!

your pal in buddy-taping, nylon
(I'm about to call my toe unbroke and cut the tape off, maybe this week)

Kate Saltfleet

Hope your toe feels better soon. Our weather is cold and rainy, else I'd be in the garden too!

radical mama

Me too! Enjoy gardening. We've been cooped up toooooo long!

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