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May 15, 2008


radical mama

I am angry mama on a fairly regular basis. And I don't have a child who requires extra work on my part. You haven't discussed it much, but it sounds like you are doing awesome. You respect and embrace Tavi for who she is (even when she frustrates you!) and that will make a huge difference to her.

Kelly O

How strong you must be. I'm not always compassionate mama, either. You're handling the situation admirably.


I think it is really cool that you are thinking about the 'label' and how that affects your perception of what is going on. My biggest complaint as a teacher is that so many parents either are in complete denial or use the 'diagnosis' as the answer to all issues. I hope I can be so realistic in my parenting! I also am impressed by your 'schedule' as that would be really hard for me to organize.

Oh, and I freaking hate gas grills. We have had dogs destroy several, gotten bad gas, tanks with faulty valves. I told C that the only way I'd grill is when we can afford one of those stainless steel 'Cadillac' level grills :)

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