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July 13, 2008



The cot is the same size as those old school tri-fold plastic lounge chairs...

I started using one when I camped at the beach and it was great as NO sand on my bed plus I had a place to sit when I was in the tent but with 3 LOs might be a tight squeeze if they decide to sleep with you :)

Unfit Mother

RM- Any tips? I am only "solo" three nights if you don't count my 23 yo Japanese traveling companion. She might not know how to set up a tent, but she will be an extra set of eyes on wandering toddlers.

K- If you water them, you can have ALL you want =;?}

MT- It came with a room "divider" that the girls already ripped down. I think I'll also be packing the air bed. But how compact is the cot?


I wish we could go camping with you :( That is another reason to force DH to move back to OR.

Does it have the little 'rooms'? My new fave camping gear is my cot. God I love the cot.


You know I'll be over for tomatoes! Mine are just putting right along....

That's a tent! (I do love a tent) They sure have come a long way from the family tent we had when I was a kid. Let me know when you will be gone, I'll take good care of those tomatoes for you!

radical mama

I wasn't brave enough to set up a huge tent alone, though. Go you! I survived and I suspect that you will too although you may not do choose to go solo twice! :)

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