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July 03, 2008


Unfit Mother

Kate, Is it illegal to cohabitate? =;?} I used to not want to get married at all, but there are definite benefits to marriage that I guilty enjoy (because those rights are not offered to all - in every state/country.

O, dear, could you be my long lost twin? (Oh wait, you already have one.) And I thought NT was my online doppleganger.

Kelly O

I wonder if our common history with our names is something that could be used to date us, like a love of the Cure and a propensity for wearing black clothes or ironic t-shirts.

I changed my name in college for similar reasons, though I made it legal. When I got married, I saw no reason to change my name again, and thought I never would. Eventually I took my husband's last name when I was pregnant with #2, for travel reasons and also because at that point I was feeling outnumbered. I still feel a little like a sell-out about it, but there's something just cozy and sweet about all having the same last name, at least to me.

Kate Saltfleet

That's really interesting, I have always been adamant about keeping my name if we finally (ever) tie the knot. My partner isn't bothered either way, (if he were the type to insist I take his name, we wouldn't be together).

Meantime we're happily living in sin and letting everyone wonder when we're going to make it legal.

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