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July 10, 2008


Unfit Mother

Thanks for the support, Ladies. And Dee, isn't this your field? Maybe I should pick your neuro-wise cranium...

There was a really interesting research paper just released about how the genetic markers for Autism are not missing, just "idle". And behavioral therapy turns them on. Very interesting and consistent with what I have learned.


Wow, you are an amazing woman. Taking the neuro knowledge and navigating your way through everything...you have some very lucky kids.


C is always asking me if T has issues. God how could she not with us as her parents? I am impressed by your ability to say you aren't taking it all personally. I try not to take T's behavior personally but it is hard in a group setting sometimes when all the other kids are just sitting on their mom's laps like little robots..


I had never really thought about neurotypicality until I was hospitalized with the meningitis and was asked several times a day why I never had my tics 'taken care of.' I was sort of shocked--I hadn't ever thought they were anything but a part of me (OCD)

Tavi is lucky to have such a wise mama.

Kelly O

Rock on, woman.

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