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October 22, 2008


Grandma Donna

To Unfit Mother - I think you made the right decision. In spite of what "they say" life is really not the same for both men and women once children are brought into the mix unless one is extremely wealthy and can afford all sorts of really good help. As a mother of four and grandmother of nine, I do think that time spent with our children and grandchildren is invaluable. If I had it to do over again, I would spend more, not less, time with my kids! On the other hand, I am having to work for much longer now in order to make up for lost time in my retirement account, but my career is just fine!

Unfit Mother

Thanks y'all! It was rough to let it go, but that dang universe keeps sending me the good stuff and I have a hard time saying no. This was a big step for me. ommmmm...
(don't let this jinx me)


You are talented and when the door opens again perhaps it will be the right time.

Now that my kids are teenagers I look back to the days of 3 and feel very wistful. It sounds trite, but it flies by! Your girls are very lucky to have you as much as they do.


UM, you went with your gut, and you know you did the right thing despite regrets. I'm sending a wish to the cosmos that there will be something amazing out there for you that's a better fit, when the time is right. I've been saying yes too often lately and am feeling overextended. I think No-vember will be my "No" month.


That does suck.

I hate how I have to piece meal my time to get my work done. Last week I put in about 20 hours with no scheduled childcare unless you count 'Play With Me Sesame'...

Lately I have been thinking I should just work on campus as then I would 1. get out of the house without children and 2. have regular scheduled child care when I am working rather than giving up my free times or working after the rugrats are in bed until 12:00 am.


Wow. I don't know what to say. That sucks. I totally hear you on being torn between doing what you want and doing what you have to do. And the resentment that comes with that. I swear to God, if John ever divorces me, I am suing him for the years I put into his career as a free childcare provider.

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