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November 12, 2008


Kelly O

I hear you, man. Some days/weeks/months just seem relentless.

Unfit Mother

Thanks for the support. And Nylonthreaded Spandex: I WISH, oh I WISH I had the moment for the gym. Tavi will not tolerate the kid's club at 24 hour fitness and the will neither tolerate her screaming upon my departure so no gym for me without childcare. I have been taking two walks daily - which does help.


Can't find it online, shoot.

I'll ross my fingers that you guys get some unseasonable sunshine this weekend....

I got through my last (mini) funk with IPAs.


There is a great Dykes to Watch Out For (in the first book) about funks. I am going to try and find it for you tonite.

I will send you Julie's book, too. It is good and a great fall read.

I'll quit saying it because I'm sure you are sick of hearing it but I really wished we lived in the same town. Then I would come over and drink a lot of coffee and watch you clean :)


Four words for you: GO. TO. THE. GYM.

You know it will make you feel better. Endorphins, remember? :-)

I know your DH is AWOL, but doesn't your gym have a daycare? Or is there a friend you can playshare with?

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