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May 29, 2010


Unfit Mother

Thanks for the clarification Elita!

Elita @ Blackating

Actually, DHA & ARA will not be removed from infant formula. What will happen is that no formula (or milk) that is fortified with DHA/ARA that comes from algae can be considered "organic." So this new ruling will only affect a few brands (Stonyfield milk, Similac Organic, Earth's Best, etc). The problem is, DHA/ARA culled from algae is nowhere near as good as the stuff that moms make naturally and deliver to their babies via breastmilk. In fact, the only studies that have showed any improvement in intelligence or eyesight with the use of DHA/ARA supplemented formula have been funded by the formula companies themselves. No independent studies have come to these same conclusions. And even the formula companies can only compare the enhanced product to the old product. It still can't touch breastmilk. There are also other problems with these DHA/ARA enhanced formulas. They are nicknamed "the diarrhea formulas" because so many babies can't tolerate them. No wonder, they contain hexane. Yummy.

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