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October 24, 2011



Im very proud of u i dont know u personally but u sound a lot
like my mom 2 very stron women

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Keep writing my friend. I'm glad you are back here. The world needs to hear you.


If you're bored, you can enter the 2011 Being David Hasselhoff Contest. :) I'll be taking entries early next week.

Melissa Gorgon Clark

I am such FB dork, Megan, Kelly and Allana, I tried to "LIKE" your comments. Thank you each for your kind words. I am already constructing another post so I hope I am really back for good now. I have a lot of catching up to do in the blogosphere.


Melissa, I'm so proud of you, for what you did to save yourself from your marriage and for sharing your experiences with us. This took a lot of strength to write and I'm glad you did. Thank you and I agree with Kelly, you BAMF, you GD superhero!

Kelly O

Wow, that was beautifully said, and very inspiring. It's incredibly difficult to make the first step away, especially when you feel so weighted down by every step you have to take right after that. You're a g.d. superhero.



I was wondering what had happened to your site. I imagined that you were just too busy enjoying life with your kids. I'm very sorry to hear things were not as happy as I'd hoped they were.

Thinking of you.

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